What are edibles?

On a medical level, edibles are created in controlled environments, following strict food production procedures, and using the highest quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness and precise dosing. Cannabis edibles provide a consistent dosage of THC or CBD in a range of potency from mild to intense. Edibles take longer than any other cannabis product to take effect and have a longer lasting effect than any other cannabis product. If you are new to edibles, we recommend proper dosing.

Start low, and go slow!

If you would like more information about edibles, please visit our Norwood retail location where a Patient Wellness Guide will be ready to assist you.

first time user?

start small

Eat only one serving of a low-dose edible until you learn how your body responds.

go slow

Edibles can take between 30-minutes and 3 hours to kick-in. Wait for the effects to arrive before consuming a second dose.

don’t mix

Do not mix edibles with alcohol or other substances.

store securely

Store your cannabis edibles in a childproof container and/or the original packaging, and keep them far from the reach of children & pets.